Measuring up in the jungles of Costa Rica | Ep 1 pt 1

If a man would move the world, he must first move himself.


In this pilot episode, we find the young nomads in the jungles of Costa Rica, spotting rare birds, sitting at the base of volcanos, and getting used to being on camera. For six weeks, the grade 9s and 10s of THINK Global School travel with the guidance and local knowledge of Broadreach from coast to coast, from volcanoes to rivers, all while learning on the go.

Kojo seems comfortable in his small travel group but soon confesses his fear of not measuring up at this traveling high school. The words of Greek philosopher Socrates resonate with this episode, as the nomads begin finding their own at a global school with high expectations.

Follow as they experience:

  • spot the rare Resplendent Quetzal
  • the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
  • filming Science videos in nature
  • Volc√°n Arenal National Park & Hanging Bridges
  • soaking in the Tabacon Hot Springs
  • canyoneering
  • volunteering at Proyecto Asis animal rescue center

Continue the story with part 2.


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