Finding ourselves in the jungles of Costa Rica | Ep 1 pt 2

If a man would move the world, he must first move himself.


In part 2 of this pilot episode, the young nomads are dropping like flies. There’s even a case of the chicken pox! But that doesn’t stop them from continuing the journey to new jungles and rivers for more adventure. Natalie starts realizing how much she really knows about the rainforest from exploring it, and Kojo grows more and more impressed with the ladies on his trip.

Not knowing how to swim, Kojo faces a challenge when he rafts the Pacuare river. When the young nomads pause their adventures to give back to the local community, we learn a little bit more about what they’re made of and how they want to fit into the world. The words of Greek philosopher Socrates resonate with this episode, as the nomads begin finding their own at a global school with high expectations.

Follow as they experience:

  • El Zota Biological Field Station in Cariari
  • football games with locals
  • rafting the Pacuare river
  • service learning and hydroponics at Hogar de Niños y Niñas Baik

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